About Plant Based Yogi

Plant Based Yogi's purpose is to share the benefits of health and yoga through inspirational recipes, stories and philosophy.  While I believe yoga can benefit anyone, practicing is not a prerequisite to participating.  Yoga literally means "union" and that has many interpretations.  Similarly, eating a whole food plant-based diet is not synonymous with being vegan.  However, I believe that every step toward eating more plants is a positive step for our health, sustainability and the planet.  My blog is aimed at helping and inspiring others to thrive on plants and to discover more happiness in life.

About Me

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and consider myself a beginner yogi and student.  It was only in the last 3 or so years, around the same time I switched to a plant-based diet, that I felt a renewed sense of understanding of yoga.  Realizing that yoga is so much more than just the postures, I began to explore the teachings of Patanjali and aspire to infuse yogic principles in all aspects of my life.  Yoga is not just about postures, it's a way of living a balanced life.  It was a similar awakening that drove me to become a student of plant-based cooking and health.  The more I looked at diet and health, the more I began to understand it's connected to everything we do.  Our collective health is the foundation of our society; it is connected to all of the major challenges facing us from social issues like our relationships and sense of community to global concerns like the environment and the economy.  I believe the way we live and how we eat affects more than just our individual selves, because of the underlying connection we have to all beings, to nature, and to the Universe.

As a vegan chef and culinary student, I recently became certified through Rouxbe's Plant-Based Professional Cooking and Nutrition program.  Healthy cooking has always been a passion, and I hope to inspire others to cook healthy by sharing amazing tasting, nourishing food that powers the body and mind.


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