Monday, August 21, 2017

More Science Debunking the Health Claims of Coconut Oil

If you are using coconut oil because of the claims that it's made of MCTs, you might as well use snake oil. The reality is that coconut oil is mainly lauric and myristic, over 80% of the oil is long-chain SAFA which raises bad cholesterol.  Oil, just like table sugar, is a heavily processed food.  Just eat the coconut instead!

Musings and Meditations for the week of Aug 21, 2017

1) Watch the Eclipse here: !  This recent TED Talk reveals why "Everyone needs to see a total eclipse before they die!"
2) Come back to Palmer Square this evening for an outdoor flow led by the amazing Annie from Rise Power Yoga accompanied by Zen That Beat (live DJ):  Zen That Beat is a fusion of playful, power flow yoga and live electronic music, designed to make you sweat and let go.  Details here:
3) Where do Trader Joe's branded products come from?  I was a bit surprised to find out.  Now I just need to figure out who makes the TJ's brand kombucha, which the Princeton store recently started carrying.  It doesn't appear to be any of the more popular brands like Kevita or GT's.