Saturday, November 26, 2016

These athletes went vegan — and stayed strong.

The Washington Post did a nice piece on athletes switching to vegan diets feeling stronger, healthier and happier too. Here's a highlight: “Your relationship with food becomes pleasing your palate versus making your body look good,” says bodybuilder Washington. “Even when I travel, I head straight for the local Whole Foods and start looking for the ingredients to make a spicy vegan pizza or pan-seared tofu with Japanese sweet potatoes. When you become a vegan, you become a foodie.” #veganathletes #plantpower #plantstrong #ahimsa
Sometimes it’s a matter of eating more calories to get enough protein....

Thursday, November 3, 2016

It's hard to find a yoga practitioner who smokes -- likely due to the wave of education we received and now ubiquitous awareness of the dangers of smoking tobacco. Unfortunately most yogis continue to eat food that contributes to disease...on a regular basis. This is not meant to cast blame, as awareness of nutrition science is not nearly at the level of awareness of tobacco. But how many people need to suffer needlessly until we reach a tipping point? It's our duties as yogis to educate ourselves, not just for ourselves but for the benefit of all beings. I'm hopeful that a tidal wave of change and awareness about our diet is approaching. #nutritionfacts #eatingmeatislikesmoking #FoodRx #SAD
Given that our diet is the #1 cause of death and disability, surely nutrition is the #1 thing doctors learn in medical school, right? Surely it’s the #1 thing your doctor talks to you about, right? How could there be such a disconnect between the science and the practice of medicine? Let’s do a thought experiment…...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


If you are looking for recipes, inspiration or meal planning, Lighter is an incredible resource! They have gathered an incredible roster of plant-based chefs, doctors, celebrities and more -- offering you free their favorite recipes. You can follow your favorites or let the site customize a meal plan based on your likes and interests. I have been following Jane Esselstyn and am loving her recipes! Dr Michael Greger, Rich Roll, Dreena Burton, Julie Montagu, and so many others are there. Check it out! #veganrecipes #plantbasedrecipes #FoodRx #Lighter
Jane Esselstyn is an inspiring force of nature, a dedicated nurse and researcher, and a master recipe developer. This powerful woman believes that Health Care is Self Care! We're so excited to share her delicious, nutritious recommendations!...