Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Imagine A World Where All Beings Are Equal

After my morning meditation, I looked out at the scene in my backyard.  There were birds singing, trees swaying and flowers blossoming.  I opened the door to my porch and felt a cool morning breeze wash over, feeling immense gratitude for the life unfolding before me.  Recently I've been reflecting
on Melanie Joy's book on Carnism -- a profound and initially troubling account of the psychological disconnect necessary to consume animals.  With a heightened sense of awareness, I realized quickly it would be too easy to be overwhelmed with sadness at the amount of unnecessary suffering in our world.  I made a conscious decision not to let it affect me with sadness, but to explore what life could be like, and is beginning to become, when we make the decision to do less harm.

Imagine what this world could be if all beings were truly treated equally.  Would we still have wars?  Could we keep animals and people in prisons?  How could we justify treating any person or any being without equal respect and love?  Imagine...

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