Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July Reflections on Food, Health, and Justice for All

Virtually all of the most significant societal challenges we face are linked to food.  We can't talk about improving food without talking about improving social justice.  With so much disagreement in policy and politics, food might be the one issue that can unite our country to lead changes on a global scale.  Don't we all want better education, health, communication, safety, more equality, innovation, and opportunity, less crime, pollution and waste?

Brian Lehrer recently sat down with NY Times columnist Mark Bittman for a conversation about the links between food and issues of social justice, economics and health.  Bittman has been writing about these issues for a while and offers many insights into how we can set aside our differences and make progress toward our shared goals.

As I reflect on my love for this great country and acknowledge the progress we're making on major issues, I'm feeling more confident that we can continue to help change toward a more sustainable future for all.  To all those who changemakers and peaceweavers, or anyone who has struggled and persevered, thank you and keep shining.  #HappyFourth

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