Monday, December 7, 2015

The Roots of Hanukkah and a Root Vegetable Latke Recipe

Happy Hanukkah! To celebrate the "Festival of Lights," we're encouraged to put candles on display for all to see. But did you know the meaning of the word Hanukkah means dedication?

I like to celebrate by thinking about those who need a little more light in their life. Even if we're not lighting candles, we can share our inner light with everyone. We can help light the way for others who may have lost their way in darkness. Whenever we say "namaste," we're making a dedication to share our love, light and compassion that we all have within us. While I may not be religious,I see the major winter holidays like Hanukkah, Kwanza and Christmas are all rooted in this message of sharing our light. Perhaps that's why so many decorate their homes with lights...on the outside!

So when I see a house covered in Christmas lights, windows filled with brightly lit menorahs, or lavishly decorated trees, I don't view them as reminders to shop and buy things we don't need. All I see are reminders of how we can bring more light and color into the world.

And in the spirit of the root of Hannukah...I'm excited to try this root vegetable take on vegan latkes! :) Looks delicious!!! I will try baking these without oil: From Delicious Everyday: Parsnip Latkes with Mustard Cashew Cream and Honey Roasted Apples

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