Monday, July 31, 2017

Musings and Meditations the week of July 31

Here are my top 5 reflections for the past week:

  1. What can mathematics teach us about trust?  Play this illuminating and illustrative game to find out:
  2. Shoes are foot coffins, and I need to try barefoot running.  Listen to this report about the history and science of covering our feet:
  3. While our President is busy trying to keep immigrants out, economists say that letting in more immigrants boosts our GDP.
  4. Why are there so few places to get a healthy inexpensive plant-based meal near Princeton?  I stumbled upon a new restaurant in Bordentown called Properly Fueled.  It's beautiful inside, rustic and hipster feel.  They offer high vibrational foods - tons of whole food vegan options!  Check it out if you're nearby:
  5. After watching Dr. Greger's latest video series on arsenic in foods, I'm very concerned about consuming rice.  Apparently, nearby Blue Moon Acres farms grow their own and their soil is almost completely free of arsenic.

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