Monday, June 18, 2018

My first attempt at making fresh gnocchi.  I used just three ingredients: steamed potato, sprouted whole wheat flour, and nutritional yeast. I learned two things from this trial: 1) The kind of potato makes a huge difference.  Russet potatoes will produce the fluffiest texture. 2) The longer I cooked them, the tougher they got.  For this recipe I found they cooked perfectly when they float to the top of the boiling water and cooked for just another 30 seconds. Looking forward to my next attempt -- with the right kind of potato next time :) #wfpb #homemadepasta #plantbasedpasta #vegangnocchi #potatostrong #wholegrains #kitchenexperiments #veganoitalia #plantpowerwayitalia #yogafood

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