Monday, October 29, 2018

It’s been challenging to make time to cook lately. Our friends and family have been so graciously helping by offering to make us delicious #wfpb meals and running errands. Having extra prepared meals around has been tremendously helpful. We are so grateful and appreciate all the support as we adapt to being parents. #sleepyallthetime When I do have the energy to cook, I have been into making breakfast anytime of day or night. Here’s some fresh homemade 100% whole wheat sourdough toast with hummus, tofu scramble topped with heirloom cherry tomatoes, and a mixed farm share greens salad with apple, sweet peppers, and lemon tahini dressing. . . . #wfpb #tofuscramble #wholegrains #sourdough #veganparenting #veganfamily #eatarainbow #breakfastanytime #foodRx #highvibes #getbywithalittlehelpfrommyfriends #yogafood

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