Monday, August 29, 2016

Dairy-Free But Missing Cheese? You Need This In Your Life

Living a plant based lifestyle does not mean you need to give up pleasurable foods. In the last year, the vegan cheese market has taken a huge step forward, offering incredible accessible options that are even better than the foods they replace. These delectable cheeses can be found in most Whole Foods Markets and many local shops. We're also huge fans of Miyoko's Kitchen's Cheeses and Riverdel - Fine Foods. Dairy Free. cultured nut cheeses. #choosecompassion #dairyfree #vegancheese
Nearly everyone we've talked to who has gone vegan or has given up dairy (for lactose intolerance or other dietary issues) has said the same thing: "I miss cheese." Is breaking up with cheese the hardest part of switching to a dairy-free...

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