Sunday, October 2, 2016

With Borscht-Belt humor, nutrition guru promotes a healthy, unsweetened New Year

Dr. Fuhrman offers tips to make the Jewish Near Year (Rosh Hashana) celebration sweeter by replacing unhealthy foods with those that are naturally sweet and nutritious. "So I think sharing white flour and white sugar baked goods is dangerous. And it’s something that our ancestors never did. There’s no white flour products in ancient times; we’re not recalling any tradition from the past by putting white flour in products." "You could make all types of breads that are healthy with mixed whole grains, with sprouted grains, with wheat berries, and you could sweeten things with dates and with raisins, and with things that are more wholesome rather than putting in honey also." #jewishnewyear #roshhashana #healthyholidays #drfuhrman #foodRx #wfpb
In his serious one-man crusade against the diet industry, Dr. Joel Furhman uses humor to gain steam, even as his followers lose weight...

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