Monday, January 8, 2018

Simple, delicious roasted lemon oyster and beach mushrooms from @shibumifarm These were made with a classic cast iron pan sear. Preheat the pan to 500F, add mushrooms and return to oven. Toss once after 5-6min, then add shallot, salt and pepper. Finish with lemon zest, splash of lemon juice, and red wine vinegar. I had set out to make an elaborate sweet potato savory waffle which failed to hold together and caused a big mess. At least with cooking, we get to eat our mistakes ;) It was also a lesson and reminder that experiments don't always work, and when they don't it's an opportunity to learn and go back to basics. #wfpb #amazingmushrooms #classiccooking #roastedmushrooms #yogafood #cookinglesson #localcsa

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