Thursday, August 30, 2018

This is my first successful naturally leavened sourdough bread.  Of course, it's made with 100% whole grains -- I used 50% sprouted winter wheat and 50% sprouted spelt -- water, salt, and the starter.  The rise I got was much better than any of my yeast breads in the past and the texture and flavor was close to the bread I've bought from artisan bakers in NYC.  The game changer for me was understanding the mechanics of the starter and then treating it like I would any other ferment.  It needs a little bit of food (flour and water) and love everyday and it rewards you with unlimited fresh bread.  The starter was gifted to me from the amazing baker, Jen, from Lilly Pies in Princeton.  It was so sticky, bubbly, and gooey, I knew it would change my bread game.  Thank you so much Jen!  Now to pay it forward... who wants a piece of 100% whole grain sourdough starter? . . . #wfpb #wholegrains #sourdough #bakingbread #fermentedfoods #sourdoughstarter #breadisthestaffoflife #realbread #organic #naturallyleavened #wildyeast #highvibes #highcarbvegan #goodforyourgut #sproutedgrains #yogafood

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