Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Musings and meditations for the week of Aug 14th, 2017

3-Musings and meditations for the week of Aug 14th, 2017:
1) Home renovations can consume your life. We just completed updating our powder room, a relatively small project, and it took over my life. I enjoy the result but not the process. It's usually only after you begin a big home project that you uncover issues, and you want to take care of them as soon as possible because once you start, you can't use the room until you finish. Now that this small room is done and it looks great, it's time to pause and remember that our home is also a sanctuary that can provide OR quickly revoke your sanity.

2) Why is it a big deal that Trump will not specifically condemn and call out neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations, but condemns actions on "all sides??" Because it perpetuates the "two-sides of a coin" myth that reactionary and resistance groups are just as bad as violent instigators.
I wonder what Trump would think of the Jews in the Polish Ghettos who stood up to German tanks in 1943?
<edit> As of last night, he did finally call out the Neo-Nazis. Why did it take him so long? BUT he still hasn't retracted from his equating the protesters with the violent instigators :-/

3) On a lighter note, NPR covered a story about how men smell who eat more fruits and veggies smell more attractive than men who ate processed junk and meat. http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2017/08/14/540059875/men-listen-up-women-like-the-smell-of-guys-who-eat-a-certain-diet

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