Thursday, September 8, 2016

If You Still Eat Meat, a Kale Smoothie Might Not Make You ‘Healthier’ – Find Out Why

There's an old saying that you "can't out exercise a bad diet." According to a recent study, it appears that eating a lot of fruits and vegetables may not outdo the detrimental effects of consuming a lot of animal products either. I don't believe the message here is that we need to be perfect, but it is a reality check about the idea of moderation and balance as it relates to healthy or yogic lifestyles. It's easy to rationalize the idea of clinging to bad habits because "everything is ok in moderation." Yet this modern mantra is not found anywhere among the yamas and niyamas. Is it ok, for example, if I engage in a little bit of violence, if I express loving kindness most of the time? Perhaps moderation should be something we practice only for "good" things. We don't have to drink pure raw kale and wheat grass juice every morning. We don't need to exercise with high intensity continuously every single day. We would burn out. This is where moderation helps us find balance. As our awareness grows about the effects of our actions on others and the world, we learn that "bad" habits might be the things we're able to simply let go. Being healthy or a yogi is not about being perfect, it's conscious aspiration to live in accordance with our values. The yogic path toward enlightenment is the remembrance of one’s true nature as Bliss. If we have habits that we know ultimately will steer us away from bliss and happiness, we certainly don't need them to be "balanced." #nutritionstudies #yogaphilosophy #yogafood #yamas #niyamas
According to new research, a meat eater’s cancer, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality risk remains high even if they also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables....

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